Corporate Center – Beijing, China

With 1.39 billion people, China is the most populous country on Earth. Bertelsmann established its first subsidiaries here back in 1992. By now, six of the Group’s divisions have operations in China: The BAI investment fund was founded in 2008 and has ascended into VCs in China with more than 110 portfolio companies (as of March 2018). FremantleMedia (RTL Group) has brought TV shows like China’s Got Talent, X Factor, Hole in the Wall and Take Me Out to the Chinese market.

Random House sells international bestsellers here, as well as marketing translation rights to Chinese publishers. Arvato China has decades of globally localized business service experience in the area of CRM and has won clients from aviation, automotive, insurance, fast-moving, and retail etc. Industries. BMG, returned to China in 2014, has reached an exclusive strategic cooperation with Alibaba, and it also proactively expand new business. Udacity and Relias (Bertelsmann Education Group) expands their market in China, committed to bringing the world’s best education to Chinese people.