Corporate Center - New Delhi, India

India, with over 1.32 billion inhabitants, is the world’s second most populous country and is considered the world’s largest democracy. At the opening of the new corporate center in February 2012, Thomas Rabe, Bertelsmann Chairman and CEO, said:

"India is an important market for our international growth. The country’s demographic, economic and technological development offers a future-oriented company like Bertelsmann many opportunities."

All of Bertelsmann’s corporate units were already present in India prior to the opening: RTL Group has launched two TV stations here with a national partner; FremantleMedia has a footprint with hit shows like Indian Idol, X Factor, and Got Talent; Yoboho produces and provides video content, especially for children; Penguin Random House India has been publishing books locally since 2005; and Dorling Kindersley (DK) India is known by brands such as DK Travel and DK FindOut; and Arvato India has been working in customer services, marketing services, and e-commerce since 2003. All of the Group’s corporate divisions will expand their business in India significantly in the years ahead.