Authors Series At The Espacio Bertelsmann

“Words in time. Conversations between authors” is the title of a new event series organized by the Spanish publishing group Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial and the daily newspaper “El País.” Espacio Bertelsmann, Bertelsmann's event and cultural center in Madrid, co-organizes the series and serves as the venue.
In each edition of this series, which premiered on March 15, 2016, authors set out to answer various questions: What influence does imagination have on a thinker? What is the relationship between novels and philosophy? What do we mean when we speak of historical memory? How does a novelist deal with the tension between history and memory? How much literature should journalism contain? Is there science in science fiction?
In the first round of “Words in Time,” writer Javier Marías and philosopher Fernando Savater talked about “reading, thinking and storytelling” in a discussion moderated by the journalist Jacinto Antón. In their conversation, held in front of an audience of 250 at Espacio Bertelsmann, the authors spoke out for a literature without labels, where “there are days when you walk with D'Artagnan and Athos, and others where King Lear accompanies you," as Javier Marías put it.
Subsequent conversations took place on May 11, when the authors Elmer Mendoza and Arturo Pérez Reverte discussed “True Literature,” and on June 7, when the author Rosa Montero and the scientist Jorge Wangensberg talked about “science and fiction.”