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Since 1868 Bertelsmann headquarters resides in the Eickhoffstrasse in Gütersloh. General Management, administration, publishing houses and Bertelsmann GmbH call this their home. Aerial view in the 1950s.
Advertising buses for encyclopedias in 1955 in the court of Eickhoffstraße.
Apprentices at Mohn & Co in the modern composing room around 1954.
Mohn & Co completely switched to offset printing in 1965. In the picture: one- and two- color sheet offset printing machines.
Verlagsauslieferung from C. Bertelsmann at Kaiserstraße, around 1955.
Supply and distribution at Kommissionshaus Buch und Ton (Book and Audio Commissioning Company) at Friedrichsdorfer Straße in Gütersloh, around 1959.
Creative display of the logo: Mohn & Co, around 1955.
The first gerneration of record presses for producing singles,1958.
Musik ist Trumpf - the Ariola music box, around 1960.
Ariola Sports festival, May 1956 with celebrities: Max Schmäling, Mona Baptiste, Reinhard Mohn and Fritz Walther.