"For a modern publisher like Gruner + Jahr, one that lives by creativity, I can only say: Creativity without diversity doesn't exist! It's as simple as that."

Julia Jäkel, CEO of Gruner + Jahr

Bertelsmann's objective is to achieve an appropriate representation of women in the company’s management.

Talent management is of crucial importance in increasing diversity in top and senior management. For this purpose, the objective of one-third was set for the representation of women in Bertelsmann’s in-house talent pools. In this way, the balanced relationship between female (54%, as of 2017) and male (46%, as of 2017) employees throughout the company is to be increasingly reflected in the Group’s management echelons as well.



Since the 2011 Women in Leadership Conference, Bertelsmann has been focused on gender diversity. At the conference, women entrepreneurs from across Bertelsmann’s businesses discussed the framework of a gender diversity-oriented corporate culture.
The second conference in 2013 was hosted by Thomas Rabe, Chairman and CEO of Bertelsmann. Members of the Executive Board, Group Management Committee, divisional CEOs and heads of Human Resources had a lively discussion on the importance of the issue for the company. They jointly developed measures to support diversity at Bertelsmann.
The 2016 Diversity Conference, Open Minds for a New Bertelsmann, pursued an even broader approach to diversity. Featured at the conference were business cases from the divisions, as well as discussions, presentations and breakout sessions on themes related to creativity and unconscious bias.

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