Lifelong Learning through Continuing Education

As an international media, services and education company that does business in a dynamic environment, Bertelsmann's most important resource and asset are its dedicated and highly qualified employees.

Today's rapidly changing business environment gives rise to constant new challenges for employees in their workaday routine. Therefore, Bertelsmann supports the employees not only in their development, but also in knowledge management and skill-building to prepare them for the requirements of their jobs.

The Bertelsmann University is designed to drive organizational capability: It offers innovative state-of-the-art learning solutions and formats that systematically promote and develop Bertelsmann competencies and skills worldwide, across divisions and hierarchies.

Bertelsmann University is divided into four campuses that foster individual learning and development, strengthen core business functions and their networks, develop executive leadership skills, and support the Group's strategic transformation process.

The Strategy Campus – Promoting Strategy and Transformation

Innovative learning solutions, combined with expert knowledge from practitioners and academics, enable Bertelsmann executives and talents to continually hone their strategic capabilities and expand their capacity for innovation. New, seemingly abstract trends are addressed to formulate concrete learnings. The Strategy Campus supports the Group's strategy and transformation process.

The Leadership Campus – Shaping the Bertelsmann Leadership Culture

Targeted leadership programs, executive coaching and carefully selected leadership instruments are put at the disposal of Bertelsmann’s executives to reflect on their respective leadership challenges and to expand their personal scope for action. In various formats, leaders learn to further develop their leadership style and to apply modern approaches of successful leadership. Thus, the Leadership Campus promotes and supports the continual development of the corporate culture based on Bertelsmann’s leadership principles.

The Function Campus – Enabling Functional Excellence

The Function Campus supports core business functions and their strategic aims across divisions such as HR, IT and Finance. Accordingly, its multi-tiered, functional learning programs are specifically developed to expand critical competencies, capabilities and skills in a given field. The Function Campus acts as a strategic learning platform to foster function-specific and cross-divisional communities, facilitating continuous learning between and among their members.

The Individual Campus – Enhancing Talent Ability

The Individual Campus offers Bertelsmann employees a broad range of learning solutions for their personal and professional development – independent of the employee's role, function or division. In acknowledgment of individual learning needs, the campus offers both short learning nuggets and comprehensive training programs. In this way, the Individual Campus supports employees with knowledge management and skill building, to prepare them for the demands of their jobs – today and in the future.