Certification of Responsibility

Certifications are an important way to measure the quality of our production plants, business processes and structures.


RTL Group

Groupe M6

HQE certification in the ‘Conception’ and ‘Programme’ categories for the new office building (2012)
THPE label (very high energy performance) in the ‘Realisation’ category for the new office building (2013)


ISO 14001 awarded to the company's corporate headquarters in London (2013)

RTL Belgium

‘Certificat Electrabel ALPENERGIE’ for the use of electricity from renewable energies
‘Certification Greenlight’ for the reduction of energy consumption in lightning
‘Anysurfer Certification’ for the website rtlbelgium.be, which is accessible to disabled people

RTL Radio (France)

Certificat 'Cool Carpet’ for the offsetting of the GHG emissions related to the carpet-laying in the office building

Penguin Random House


Bertelsmann Printing Group