Our engagement against Corona

Our engagement against Corona

Bertelsmann is taking the necessary steps – worldwide and across all divisions – to protect the health of its employees, provide comprehensive and reliable information through its media, and maintain system-relevant services and production processes. In addition, the company is supporting society in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus and its effects. On this page you will find selected examples of these efforts.

"These examples show how relevant Bertelsmann and its businesses are in many areas of daily life and society, and the contribution we are making to overcoming the crisis."

Thomas Rabe, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Bertelsmann and Chief Executive Officer of RTL Group

"By protecting the health of our employees, we also protect Bertelsmann. We have implemented extensive measures at our sites around the world so that we can continue to do our work without putting ourselves or others at risk. At the same time, we call on all employees to behave in a considerate and responsible manner at all times. The health of everyone at Bertelsmann is my top priority!"

Immanuel Hermreck, Chief Human Resources Officer of Bertelsmann