Arvato | Baden-Baden, 09/04/2015

Arvato Financial Solutions Helps Deaconry

Eckhard Röller (Bezirksdiakonieausschuss), Otto Tepper (Diakonisches Werk), Gerhard Klaar (Debt counselor), Kai Kalchthaler (arvato Financial Solutions, f. l.)

Subject: Society, Media & Services
Country: Germany
Category: Charitable Donations

Finding new ways to hand debt and adding to existing offers was the occasion for the foundation of the deaconry credit counseling center of the Diakonisches Werk in the region of Baden-Baden/Rastatt/Bühl in the year 2009. From the beginning, Arvato Financial Solutions has been supporting the deaconry. Now, the Arvato subsidiary extends the financial support of the debt counseling center for three more years and provides €10,000 per year for this purpose. In addition, the company will continue to add its expert know-how about dealing with debtors to the project.

According to Kai Kalchthaler, Executive Vice President Risk Management at Arvato Financial Solutions, the company wants to actively comply with its social responsibility in the region in a segment which is one of its key competences: "In the early phase, prior to debt overload, we can offer individual support with individual recovery measures. Our social responsibility, however, does not end where we as a company negotiate for our clients with the end customers, but also continues during the phase when we can no longer help ourselves. We are therefore pleased that the good economic situation of Arvato Financial Solutions enables us to support the deaconry for three more years. We, too, have an interest in not only providing good advice to consumers in financially difficult situations, but that they can return to participating in the economy as quickly as possible. It is a matter close to our heart to fulfill our corporate responsibility here, too."

Deaconry employee Gerhard Klaar offers support with immediate help, material livelihood security, debt regulation and negotiations with creditors as a debt counselor. He is dedicated to providing immediate help in the case of debt or debt overload and explains long-term perspectives. According to the Diakonisches Werk, the demand for counseling in situations that threaten livelihood has increased enormously and has resulted in long waiting times. In 2014, Klaar counseled 188 people from the region. From the beginning, the deaconry has not only aimed at pure follow-up care but has above all focused on prevention. Since March 2010, numerous prevention events have taken place at various schools, with a focus on teaching financial competence.