PenguinRandomHouse | Munich, 08/08/2016

Publishing Group Random House launches Books & Bikes

Subject: Environment, Employees
Country: Germany
Category: Project

In Munich last Wednesday, the Random House Group officially launched its company bike program, Books & Bikes. Already in operation since July, the program makes bicycles available to employees at favorable conditions. Partnering with Random House in the project is Company Bike Solutions, responsible for operating the online selection and leasing portal, as well as the organization of kick off events with test bikes, as well as a repair service.

Unofficially, the Books & Bikes campaign began on July 12th, with employees having an opportunity to test “ride” a variety of bicycles and receive individual consultation on selecting their company wheels. Five Random House employees took delivery of their bikes at last week’s launch, with the cooperation partner adjusting saddles and explaining the mechanics of a folding bike.

Random House employees with unlimited contracts are eligible to take advantage of the offer with savings of up to 40 percent off the suggested retail price. With more than 1,000 models and brands to select from, including e-bikes, city cruisers, racing, mountain and trekking bikes, and two purchases per employee possible, the company bike scheme works similarly to a company car leasing model. Random House provides the employee with their selected bike, with the employee paying a monthly lease payment through a gross income deduction and taxed at only 1% of the retail value by Company Bike as a “bike / cash” benefit. Through the 36-month lease agreement and a payment over gross salary conversion, a savings of 30 – 40 percent off the manufacturer’s recommended price (RPR) can be expected.

Arvato’s Similar Model

For the last two years, arvato Financial Solutions has offered a similar program promoting environmentally friendly mobility among its staff. Launched as a pilot project, arvato’s Moving Things, at its Baden-Baden site, the scheme enjoys great popularity, with more than 80 employees underway with a company bike. And across Germany today, other arvato Solution Groups are adopting the idea with already more than 500 bicycles on roads, paths and trails. Like Random House, arvato is cooperating with Company Bike Solutions on the endeavor.