Bertelsmann Printing Group

The Senior Management Of The New Bertelsmann Printing Group

Bertram Stausberg and Axel Hentrei take over as Co-CEOs of the new Bertelsmann Printing Group at the beginning of 2016, with Ulrich Cordes as CFO. All three can look back on long and successful careers at Bertelsmann.

Bertram Stausberg (49), Co-CEO of Bertelsmann Printing Group, studied mechanical engineering at the RWTH Aachen. After completing his doctorate, he began his career in 1996 as an assistant to the management at Gruner Druck Itzehoe, followed by successive management positions in technical departments and promotion to Production Manager. In 2006, he became Head of Production and Engineering at Prinovis Ahrensburg. In 2009 he was appointed Chief Technology Officer at Prinovis Nuremberg. From 2010, he was Managing Director responsible for the Prinovis Ahrensburg and Itzehoe sites, and from 2011 he additionally supervised Prinovis Dresden’s businesses. In May 2012, Stausberg became CEO of Bertelsmann’s newly founded printing unit Be Printers, and at the same time CEO of the gravure printing company Prinovis. In July 2013, Bertram Stausberg was appointed to the Bertelsmann Group Management Committee (GMC). 

Axel Hentrei (57), Co-CEO of Bertelsmann Printing Group, has been in charge of the Arvato Print Solutions business unit since 2013 (Mohn Media, Probind, GGP Media, Medienfabrik and Vogel Druck). After completing a degree in business studies, Hentrei worked for KPMG in Munich as a junior consultant from 1989 to 1991. In 1991 he moved to Mohn Media Mohndruck GmbH, where he successively held positions as Head of Controlling, Head of Distribution Management, Head of Internal Distribution, head of Production Management, Head of Distribution, and CEO of Arvato Russia. In 2008 he was appointed CEO of Mohn Media. In 2011 he assumed the leadership of the arvato Print Solutions business unit. Most recently he was CEO of the Print Services solution group. 

Ulrich Cordes (48), CFO of the Bertelsmann Printing Group, studied business administration at the University of Göttingen and subsequently earned a PhD at the German University of Administrative Sciences in Speyer in 1995. In 1997, he joined Bertelsmann’s Corporate Development department as a consultant. In 2000, he was appointed Senior Vice President Finance of Bertelsmann Marketing Service, and in 2002 became Head of Arvato Direct Services. From 2007 he served as Senior Vice President Finance at Arvato Services Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), where he was also a member of the management board.  In 2009, Cordes was appointed CFO of Arvato AG. With the reorganization of Arvato in summer 2015, Cordes assumed responsibility for the Digital Marketing, Print Solutions, IT Solutions and Replication businesses.