Flexibility and Fairness

Participation in decision-making processes and allowance for the greatest possible freedom contribute to employee loyalty and satisfaction. To support a healthy work-life balance, this also includes offering employees flexible arrangements about where and when they work.

Work-Life Balance: Creating Modern Working Solutions

Society is changing – and with it, the world of work. Men and women alike are pursuing career goals while also wanting to preserve time for their personal lives.

Bertelsmann strives to offer modern working solutions and develops them as site, technical and organizational requirements permit. Working-time models that focus on results rather than physical presence, as well as trust-based working hours, are now widespread, and homeoffice guidelines have been successfully introduced.

Career & Family: Happy Employees for a Successful Company

Bertelsmann supports its employees with various offers because the company also benefits when the staff is able to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Measures to reconcile work and family life contribute to the commercial success of Bertelsmann.

One important aspect of personnel work, that takes into account employees’ various stages of life, is to support staff with children or relatives requiring care. We see the provision of customized, as-needed solutions as a basic requirement here. As a member of the "Erfolgsfaktor Familie" (Family – Factor of Success) network, Bertelsmann fosters cooperation and the exchange of ideas on this issue, and constantly checks whether measures can be improved.

Independent Contractors: Responsible Treatment of Independent and External Employees

The flexibility requirements of a rapidly changing world of work also mean that knowledge and expertise need to be sourced from outside the company to ensure satisfied customers during peak phases. The company relies on staffing agencies and employs external staff in addition to permanent employees where the specifics of the tasks allow and require this. They support and boost our performance with their specialized expertise for a limited time, and we fully appreciate this level of commitment and availability.

We strive to treat all workers with respect and honesty and to create a working environment in which people can develop and contribute – regardless of contractual status.

In addition to our Group's own apprenticeship and degree programs, we offer university students and those in comparable training opportunities to expand their knowledge and experience through organized internships. Outstanding trainees can also be nominated for inclusion in the "Student Challenge" trainee retention program, offering ten to 15 international top talents an opportunity to participate in a series of workshops at our companies over a period of two to three years.