Focus Topics

Bertelsmann puts corporate responsibility into action in a variety of ways. This website presents management approaches and indicators for selected CR topics.

Climate Neutral by 2030

Bertelsmann will become climate neutral by 2030. By that time, the company aims to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions generated by its sites, the mobility of its employees, and the manufacture of its products by 50 percent compared to 2018, when these emissions amounted to one million tons of CO2. The remaining emissions will be offset. Bertelsmann will also support its business customers in reducing product-related emissions.

The climate protection target comprises three action areas: “Sites,” “Employees,” and “Products.” The site’s emissions are comprised of direct emissions from fuels and combustibles (Scope 1), and indirect emissions from the purchase of electricity and district heating (Scope 2). Other emissions from business travel and commuting by employees as well as product-related emissions are also taken into account (all Scope 3). Product-related emissions include paper production, the printing and logistics of print products, as well as external data centers and cloud services for our digital products.


Bertelsmann sees the diversity of its workforce as a prerequisite for sustainable business success. A diverse workforce has a positive impact on the creativity, innovation and performance as well as motivation of employees. It promotes flexibility and success in different markets.

One focus of Bertelsmann’s diversity, equity & inclusion strategy is the “gender” dimension. To further increase diversity at management levels, Bertelsmann aims to attain a one-third share of women in top and senior management across all divisions by the end of 2021. This goal is to be supported by an improved talent pipeline: The share of women in the Top Management Pool and the Senior Management Pool should therefore also be one third, and 50% in the Career Development Pool. These goals have already been achieved in the current cohort.

Other focus topics are inclusion, as well as sexual orientation and identity. With the Action Plan for Inclusion (2019-2024) published in 2019, Bertelsmann aims to create an even more inclusive working environment for people with disabilities in German companies, while the employee network “be.queer” supported by Bertelsmann is committed to an open and appreciative corporate culture, regardless of sexual identity or orientation.