News | Gütersloh, 11/24/2020

Bertelsmann Newsletter

There’s a lot going on in the Bertelsmann world: More than 126,000 employees work in eight divisions to ensure there is exciting news to report every week. Now you read all about it in our newsletter – weekly, in German and English.

Every Thursday, the Bertelsmann Newsletter now covers between three and five relevant news items from the company, nationally and internationally, from individual divisions as well as across divisions. It also offers direct access to key Bertelsmann facts and social media channels.

Karin Schlautmann, Head of Bertelsmann Corporate Communications: “These days, the need for more detailed information is greater than ever. We are responding to this with our new newsletter.”

Who we are

RTL Group with 68 TV channels, 30 radio stations, and various streaming platforms and production companies
Penguin Random House with 300 publishers on six continents
Gruner + Jahr with more than 500 magazines and digital offerings in over 20 countries
BMG with 25 billion music streams and 70,000 artists
Arvato with services in logistics, customer services, finance, and IT
Bertelsmann Printing Group with a comprehensive range of printing and related services
Bertelsmann Education Group with some of the leading providers of online learning
Bertelsmann Investments with more than 200 investments in innovative startups

What we cover

All of our topics fall under the heading of “Creativity and Entrepreneurship”: from bestsellers and Nobel Prize winners to exciting series, emotive TV shows, sophisticated movies, and professional radio; from websites and magazines to cooking, lifestyle, soccer, news, science, beauty, nature, and music across all genres, popular singers and successful songwriters; from high-performance printing plants to services in the fields of supply chain, IT, cloud, and tech, influencer marketing, customer experience, and financial solutions. From promising digital startups to innovative education companies investing in the tomorrow’s education. The newsletter also delivers a wealth of information on career events, New Work, management, training, collaborations, advertising, digital innovations, and much more...

Stay informed – with the new Bertelsmann Newsletter!