Health Management at Bertelsmann

New forms of work organization, new digital technologies, accelerated workflows, increasing complexity, heavier workloads and a constantly increasing international pressure to compete have an impact on the health of employees. On top of these changes in working conditions, there is demographic change, which is accompanied by such factors as an aging workforce. As the retirement age rises, employees work longer, and are faced with increasingly complex demands in their jobs.

In addition to economic and social changes, a changing spectrum of illnesses also plays a role in many countries. Whereas infectious diseases were more prevalent in the past, now there is a predominance of chronic diseases, most of which are due to changed living conditions. A significant increase in mental health disorders can also be observed.

Bertelsmann actively tackles these challenges at an early stage and has been committed to the health of its staff for many years. Important components of health management include the long-established departments of Sports and Health, Company Medical Services, and Bertelsmann BKK (business health insurance), all of which have now been merged into the BeFit initiative

In 2013, besides the establishment of the Bertelsmann Health Community, the health management system was further developed and launched as an independent department within the Group HR department. Its focus is on the interdisciplinary nature of the subject.

Health – Fast Read

What do we mean?

By health, we no longer mean merely the absence of disease, but a complex system of requirements, physical, psychological and social resources, and a person’s own aims and objectives.

Why is it important?

What’s in it for us?

What are the opportunities and challenges?

How we are taking action?

More information about health management at Bertelsmann can be found here  (German website).