Fit for Starting a Career

The diversity of businesses operated by Bertelsmann companies is matched by the diversity and breadth of vocational training offered at Bertelsmann.

In Germany alone, the Group offers young people industrial and commercial training options in 54 different professions. The spectrum runs the gamet from aspiring industrial clerks, management assistants in office communciation, IT specialists, media technologists, print and media designers for printed and digital products, to warehousing specialists and industrial mechanics, through to chefs.

The offer is supplemented by the Group’s own bachelor’s degree program in the fields of international management and business computer science. The three-and-a-half year curriculum includes traditional vocational training and thus is based on a dual-mode degree concept, featuring a complex mix of vocational training and company experience, culminating in a university degree.

In addition, Bertelsmann companies in Germany employ approximately 150 interns, trainees and student journalists each year.

Latest Figures

At the end of 2017 1,256 young people were enrolled in training programs at German Bertelsmann companies. In addition to industrial and commercial training, 219 apprentices were enrolled in the Group's own bachelor's degree program. The company employed a total of 158 trainee lawyers and student journalists.