Gütersloh, 02/04/2021

Ad Alliance And Mediengruppe RTL Initiate ‘Click & Collect’ Campaign

Subject: Media & Services, Society, Corona
Country: Germany
Category: Project

The Ad Alliance and Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland have launched a “click & collect” campaign. An advertising spot and a campaign symbol for other advertising formats, both developed in-house, aim to support brick and mortar stores in Germany in the media portfolio marketed by the Ad Alliance.

Empty shopping streets, empty cafés and restaurant, empty businesses – for many retailers in Germany, the lockdown means significant revenue losses and, for some, much more is on the line. The media marketer Ad Alliance and Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, as well as RTL Radio Deutschland, Audio Now, and G+J’s print titles “Brigitte”, “Stern” and “Gala” are therefore promoting the established hashtag “#supportyourlocals” in the spirit of the “#GemeinsamgegenCorona” initiative, offering support for brick and mortar stores with their reach and offers.

Starting now, a 30-second advertising spot will be highlighting the issue. It calls for all citizens to support their local brick and mortar stores by, for example, purchasing their products online and picking them up at the stores – with the required physical distancing and face masks, of course, following the slogan “click & collect”. Along with the ad spot, a special campaign symbol was created and being promoted via TV, print and digital media from the Ad Alliance portfolio and emphasizes the message. Advertising partners of the Ad Alliance, which offer “click & collect” as an option for their businesses, can use the logo for their campaigns with Ad Alliance without a license. In addition, the Ad Alliance offers its customers the connection with the “click & collect” campaign through a number of special advertising forms, whether on TV, in digital media, on Addressable TV or in print media. The marketing concept of Mediengruppe RTL was the driving force for the design of the advertising media.

An important message

“Solidarity is more important than ever in this difficult time, and we consider it one of our tasks to support our local brick and mortar stores,” says Frank Vogel, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Ad Alliance. “Whether TV, print or online, with our Ad Alliance portfolio we reach more than 99 percent of the population, and we must fully utilize this. The message of ‘click & collect’ is enormously important in order to strengthen retailers and restaurants in this difficult time. If we can support them with our concept, we have achieved our goal. Only together will be able to manage this situation and look forward more positively to post- coronavirus life.”

The advertising spot, which was conceived and produced by Mediengruppe RTL’s marketing team, is aired on the channels of Mediengruppe RTL and is also used online and on the media group’s various social media channels. Various companies of the Bertelsmann Content Alliance are also adopting the idea of the campaign in their locations.