BMG | Berlin/London/Los Angeles/New York, 06/04/2020

BMG Participates In ‘Blackout Tuesday’

Subject: Society
Country: International
Category: Project

Triggered by the death of George Floyd as a result of police violence in the U.S., BMG artists and employees have joined the many people taking a stand, in the social media and elsewhere, against social discrimination and systemic racism in statements. Companies from the music and film industry called for a "Blackout Tuesday.”

All over the world, people are demonstrating against everyday social discrimination and racism. Triggered by the death of George Floyd, a black American, as a result of police violence in the U.S., the demonstrators seek to draw attention to the discrimination of various minorities in their own countries as well. In this connection, companies in the music and film industry had declared last Tuesday "Blackout Tuesday" ("#BlackoutTuesday") to send a signal against racism, discrimination, and police violence. In the same vein, music companies in the U.S. launched the initiative "#TheShowMustBePaused.” BMG artists and employees all over the world also got involved. On social media in particular, they declared their solidarity with disadvantaged minorities and their protest against violence and racism. The TV production company Fremantle also published posts in this regard.

Virtual gathering of employees

One of the consequences of the cross-company initiatives was that companies interrupted their work to give their employees the opportunity to discuss and consider how to bring about changes that lead to greater solidarity, respectful treatment, and peaceful social interaction. Part of this, as was often pointed out in the posts, was that everyone should take a closer look at the extent to which they themselves are involved in discrimination of any kind in their own environment. BMG reports that employees from all over the world virtually talked about and discussed racism in everyday life - including the workaday routine. The plan is to use this as a basis for developing longer-term projects. In addition, BMG has published guidelines that provide employees with useful information and sources of information - websites, social media channels, articles, podcasts, books, films and documentaries - on the topic of racism and discrimination and the "Black Lives Matter" movement. “Together it is now time to speak up, take action, and make change,” concludes the brief foreword to the document.

The social media were the central public place for expressions of solidarity of all kinds. BMG stars such as Killer Mike from the band Run The Jewels and India Arie expressed their sorrow at the death of George Floyd and, under the hashtag "#BlackoutTuesday", called on their fans to do something against racism and discrimination. Many also talked about how they themselves have experienced discrimination. BMG also posted a clear statement on all its own social media channels and profiles worldwide: “BMG stands against the discrimination, racism, and violence inflicted on the black community. We stand with you.“ In another post, the company shared the hashtags “#BlackoutTuesday” and “TheShowMustBePaused.” And Fremantle tweeted: “Now is not the time for silence. It is time for compassion and understanding. It is time for action against racial and social injustice. We stand in solidarity with the entire Black community and all allies in the fight against racism, oppression and senseless violence. Let not one more breath be stolen.”