RTL Group | Gütersloh, 11/27/2023

Fremantle Film Moves Italy

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Country: Germany
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Against the backdrop of the recent murder of a young woman, Fremantle Italia has organized special screenings of its recently released and successful film “C’è Ancora Domani” (There’s Still Tomorrow) for high school students. Interest in the film, which deals with domestic violence and women’s rights in the early post-war period, was immense – 55,000 students across the country attended a screening at one of the more than 300 participating cinemas.

Italy was recently rocked by the brutal murder of a 22-year-old woman. She had been killed by her boyfriend because he was “jealous.” This crime sparked an intense discussion throughout the country about domestic violence and has increased interest – especially among schoolchildren – in the film “C’è Ancora Domani” (There’s Still Tomorrow), which was produced by Fremantle Italia subsidiary Wildside and was just released in Italian cinemas on October 26.

The black-and-white film addresses domestic violence and women’s rights in the early post-war period in Rome. The story centers on Delia, a housewife with a violent husband who tries to help her teenage daughter escape the same fate. “C’è Ancora Domani” topped the Italian box office rankings on its opening weekend and grossed more than €3.4 million in its first week. More than three million people have seen the film to date; according to the distributors, it has generated box-office sales exceeding €20 million, making it the #1 Italian movie of the year so far.

Cinema screenings for schools across Italy

In the wake of the horrific crime, Fremantle teams have organized special screenings in collaboration with a women-led NGO that campaigns for women’s rights. Close to 55,000 schoolchildren all over Italy watched the film in more than 300 cinemas. After the screening, viewers were invited to a one-hour Q&A session, broadcast live from a cinema in Rome, where they could discuss the topic with the director and actors.

Fremantle Italy reports that the event was such a success that Italian cinemas have now announced they will open the morning for the next two weeks to show the movie to schools across the country. The government has also requested that Italian schools dedicate two hours to discussing domestic violence during the upcoming week.