Bertelsmann Marketing Services | Pößneck, 01/29/2021

GGP Media To Become Completely Climate-Neutral

Subject: Environment
Country: International
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GGP Media is to become completely climate-neutral: By the end of this year, the printing company will render climate-neutral all greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the production process and from its employees’ work-related mobility. In the years ahead, GGP Media plans to keep investing in environmental management and, above all, in making its entire supply chain more efficient and sustainable.

GGP Media, a Bertelsmann Printing Group subsidiary, has set itself an ambitious environmental goal: As early as this year, the printing company says it make all greenhouse gas emissions generated in the production process and its employees’ work-related mobility climate neutral. Christof Ludwig, Managing Director of GGP Media, says: “This is another important milestone on our way to becoming a ‘green’ printing company. By deciding to offset all emissions as early as 2021, we are fulfilling our responsibility and becoming a pioneer in our industry.”

GGP Media says it has been working for some time to continuously improve its carbon footprint. Back in 2004, GGP Media was one of the first printers in the black-and-white book business to be certified by the international nonprofit organization the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This was followed by further certifications such as DIN ISO 50001 (energy management), PEFC, and “Imprim’vert,” which underline the printing company’s environmental efforts. Another important step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions was taken four years ago. Since then, GGP Media has only purchased “green” electricity from renewable energy sources. And the most recent measure was signing the “Healthy Printing Charter”  last year, with which the company is committed to producing environmentally sustainable print products. “We are particularly proud of the fact that since 2008 we have been able to offer our customers the option of completely offsetting their orders’ product-related emissions as part of a collaboration with Climate Partner,” says Jessica Kramß, Environmental Officer at GGP Media. “This offer is receiving increasing interest. Last year, we already rendered the entire production climate-neutral for several of our customers.”

Customers very interested in environmental protection

Now that the described measures have already made an important contribution to avoiding and reducing CO2 emissions, offsetting all unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions will make production completely climate-neutral. “This step will not stop us from implementing further measures to manufacture print products in an environmentally friendly way,” emphasizes Managing Director Ludwig, “because we continue to see a great deal of interest in environmental protection from our customers.” Ludwig says the company will continue to invest in environmental management in the years ahead and, above all, in making its entire supply chain more efficient and sustainable.