RTL Group | Potsdam, 03/21/2022

New ‘Green Consultants’ At UFA

Christian Ziervogel, Zita von Klot-Heydenfeldt and Roland Bott (f. l.). Not in the picture: the new “Green Consultant” Tobias Krisa-Yamamoto.

Subject: Society, Media & Services
Country: Germany
Category: Project

UFA has trained four new “Green Consultants”. Four employees have acquired the basics for sustainable production planning and specific implementation measures which will contribute to making TV and film productions greener.

UFA is pleased to announce four newly trained “Green Consultants”: Tobias Krisa-Yamamoto, Production Manager at UFA Serial Drama, Christian Ziervogel and Roland Bott, both Production Managers at UFA Show & Factual, and Zita von Klot-Heydenfeldt, Senior Production Manager at UFA Show & Factual, have passed the required exam. They will now strengthen UFA’s existing “Green Consultants” team composed of Production Manager Hendrik Voss (UFA Show & Factual), Line Producer Assistant Kathrin Bernsau (UFA Serial Drama), Production Manager Marcus Leciejewska (UFA Serial Drama), Production Coordinator Anne Frohne (UFA Fiction), Production Manager Marc Waterkamp (UFA Serial Drama), Production Manager Saskia Schmischke (UFA Show & Factual), and Production Manager Sven Bischof (UFA Show & Factual).

Selection of the location impacts CO2 emissions

“It was important for me to complete this training because I can now apply my specialist knowledge and strong arguments to engage my milieu regarding this important issue and thereby achieve improvements,” said Tobias Krisa-Yamamoto. “Now, we have to use the time of transformation and work on clean production structures together with partners. Here, however, we not only should show responsibility within the framework of production but also serve as a role model and source of ideas for others.” Christian Ziervogel and Roland Bott said: “The topic of ‘green production’ is extremely exciting and important to us. In the course, we were able to gain comprehensive insights with many colleagues from the industry and examine diverse everyday situations in our job environment. It is amazing how, for example, the selection of the location or the equipment that is used can decisively impact a production’s CO2 emissions. We can influence and change more things in our projects than we might assume at first glance. The TV industry has the opportunity to set a good example and promote sustainability every day.”

UFA has been training “Green Consultants” since March 2021 (Green footprint at work). The “Green Consultant” training at UFA is offered by Mediengruppe RTL’s production management in partnership with the Munich Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and the lecturer Philipp Gassmann. Aside from the training provided by the IHK, it is currently the only certified further training program of its kind in Germany. The course, which consists of two five-day teaching modules, teaches participants all of the basics of sustainable production planning and deals in depth with specific implementation measures that can make productions greener.