Gütersloh, 11/11/2021

Evaluation of the "Bertelsmann Action Plan Inclusion" enters second round

Immanuel Hermreck and Gabriele McNab

Subject: Employees
Country: Germany
Category: Project

For the second time, the implementation of the "Bertelsmann Action Plan Inclusion 2019 - 2024," published in 2019, was evaluated. With 27 goals and 69 measures in five different areas of action, the action plan covers a wide range of steps toward a more inclusive company.

In September 2019, the "Bertelsmann Action Plan Inclusion 2019 - 2024" (API) was published for all German Bertelsmann companies. Its goal is to design processes and structures in all German Group companies by 2024 so that employees with disabilities can work without barriers and contribute to Bertelsmann's success with all their skills and knowledge. With 27 goals and 69 measures in five different areas of action, the action plan covers a broad spectrum of steps toward a more inclusive company. Each year, selected measures from the "Action Plan for Inclusion" are prioritized and their implementation is managed by the Corporate Responsibility department and the Group's representatives for severely disabled employees. Transparent evaluation at the end of each implementation year ensures that the goals of the API remain present and can be tracked. An evaluation report has now been prepared on the second year of implementation, documenting the progress made on the individual measures.

For example, in the field of health management, the "Tips and guidance for the health working group" guide for the health working groups was revised and supplemented to include the topic of inclusion. The new "Guide to Diversity-Sensitive Language" also contains recommendations for visual and textual language that does justice to diversity at Bertelsmann, and thus contributes to the awareness-raising and communication field of action. In addition, the partnership-based design of an inclusive working environment was anchored in a questionnaire for managers that Bertelsmann Executive Vice President Human Resources Immanuel Hermreck sent to more than 2,300 managers in Germany. For him, this partnership-based approach is key to successful inclusion at Bertelsmann: "The evaluation of the second year of implementation shows that we are making visible progress in the area of inclusion," said Hermreck. "I would like to thank everyone who is working so hard on this and am pleased with the great progress that has already been made. The cooperation between the representatives of the severely disabled, managers, experts on the various topics and the HR department is bearing fruit. Keep it up!"

"Improved participation of people with disabilities"

The topic of inclusive workplace design is also part of the new Group Inclusion Agreement. Gabriele McNab, Bertelsmann's Representative for Severely Disabled Employees, is very pleased with the development: "The 'Inclusion Action Plan' and the new Group Inclusion Agreement are important tools that support us as the Representative for Severely Disabled Employees in our commitment to our colleagues with disabilities. The continuous evaluation of the topics from the 'Inclusion Action Plan' is an essential part of improving the participation of people with disabilities in Bertelsmann's working life."

The evaluation of the second year of implementation was presented in detail at a virtual meeting of the approximately 50 supporters of the "Action Plan Inclusion" at the beginning of November. The webinar made it clear that the ongoing collaboration and exchange among supporters from the various divisions is making a major contribution to advancing inclusion in Bertelsmann's German companies.

A summary of the evaluation can be downloaded here  .