Gütersloh, 01/13/2022

New course collection in Peoplenet on the topic of inclusion

Subject: Employees
Country: International
Category: Project

Inclusion has been an important topic in companies - including Bertelsmann - not only since the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2006. Particularly in the workplace, the removal of mental and physical barriers is essential for the fair participation of all employees. A new "online collection" in Peoplenet offers an overview of various aspects of inclusion.

The development of inclusive structures and ways of working in companies enables the increased involvement of people with disabilities and creates an environment in which diversity of perspective promotes creative processes. It is important that all employees have the opportunity to learn about workplace accessibility, inclusion, and the different impacts of disabilities to contribute to an inclusive work environment. Inclusion can be defined as the equal participation of every human being and goes beyond the integration of people into existing structures. In order to create an open and diverse work atmosphere for all employees, existing processes must be adapted to the diversity of the company. But what is the best way to integrate inclusive structures into everyday work? All employees can now explore this question with the help of a new "online collection" in Peoplenet, which the core team of the "Bertelsmann Action Plan Inclusion 2019 - 2024" has created.

Insights into life with disabilities

There you will find definitions of various terms related to disability, inclusion and company-relevant opportunities to create equal participation in the workplace. In order to create inclusive living and working conditions, addressing these topics is important for all employees - whether with or without disabilities. The "Onlinekollektion" offers a wide range of internal and external sources to support individual and corporate training. Interviews, videos and articles provide insights into life with visible and invisible disabilities, advice on developing inclusive leadership strategies and much more. The German-language "online collection" is available to all employees at this link. 

Further relevant information on the topic of inclusion can be found on the Website Corporate Responsibility section.  There you will also find all the information you need about the "Bertelsmann Inclusion Action Plan 2019 - 2024".