Gütersloh, 04/06/2021

"Be.queer" publishes transgender guides

Subject: Employees
Country: Germany
Category: Project

To be able to be oneself in the workplace - that is the concern of the LGBTIQ+ employee network "be.queer". In order to ensure this for trans* people as well, "be.queer" has developed two guides, initially in German: one for employees and one for managers and HR managers.

Bertelsmann's efforts to promote diversity in all divisions and at all levels are firmly anchored in the company's core values, because diversity is a prerequisite for creativity and entrepreneurship. Diversity also refers to the issue of sexual identity. The LGBTIQ+ employee network "be.queer" therefore focuses on enabling Bertelsmann employees to be themselves in the workplace. In order to ensure this for trans* people as well, "be.queer" has now developed two guidelines, initially in German - one for managers and HR managers and one for trans* employees.

Trans* persons are people who - like everyone else - follow their gender sensation. With the difference that it is not the gender that was assigned to them at birth. Trans* people may identify as a binary gender - male or female - a mix of genders, or as between the two genders. The importance of this supportive and open work environment when transitioning was also evident in the digital panel discussion  organized by "be.queer" for "International Coming Out Day" last October.

Tips and places to go

Coming out in the workplace is a major challenge for trans* people, as they often encounter a lack of understanding from those around them. The guides make it clear that people of any gender identity are welcome at Bertelsmann. The guide for trans* employees is intended to encourage them to live their gender identity in the workplace as well, and provides them with tips and points of contact for shaping this process. In addition, the guide contains information on support options provided by the employer in the event of gender reassignment.

Managers and human resources professionals play an important role in the coming out process and transition. They can contribute significantly to the formation of opinion and acceptance of their employees and make the process as pleasant as possible for the trans* person. For this, however, it is important that both managers and HR managers themselves are informed about the topic. The guide for managers and HR managers therefore contains basic information to help them support their employees during the transition.