BertelsmannEducationGroup | Morrisville, 03/23/2020

Relias Helps Fight The Coronavirus With Online Content

Subject: Society
Country: USA
Category: Project

Relias is opening central databases to the general public. They contain courses on proper hand hygiene, protective equipment, and the prevention of viral infections. This means that important advice for the fight against the coronavirus pandemic is now available without restrictions and free of charge.

There are many things that each and every one of us can do to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, from washing your hands to keeping your distance. Relias’s vast learning database is a real treasure trove of qualified advice and tips against infection. In light of the epidemic, the leading provider of online training in the U.S. healthcare sector has now decided to make all information, courses, and learning materials  on viral infections in general and the coronavirus in particular available to the public free of charge. The Bertelsmann Education Group company is doing so as its contribution to the global fight against the new virus.

“During heightened awareness surrounding COVID-19 and the flu season, Relias remains committed to assisting individuals and healthcare personnel worldwide, by providing free unrestricted access to a variety of training classes and other resources,” said Kay Krafft, Incoming CEO of Relias and CEO of the Bertelsmann Education Group. “These tools include practical advice and best practices from our staff of medical professionals, trainers, and other subject matter experts, designed to help those on the front lines of care and to support patients across the spectrum of wellness.”

The content that Relias is now making available in this way ranges from infection control and influenza prevention to general precautions, hand hygiene, and protective equipment. These online courses are part of the Relias suite, which offers 7,000 classes to 8,600 healthcare customers, and thus indirectly supports the care of 63 million patients and people in need of care. Now this content can be freely used and shared – with friends, family, and colleagues.

The new offer comprises seven free online courses about hand hygiene, infection control and precautionary measures, among others – including three courses in Spanish. In addition, the website provides free access to ten publications from Relias Media about COVID-19, a five-part live webinar series with external and internal professional experts, and blogs about the subject, as well as links to articles on the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control websites.