RTL Group | Munich, 11/06/2023

RTL Zwei Joins Nachhaltigkeitspakt Medien Bayern

Subject: Environment, Society
Country: Germany
Category: Project

RTL Zwei has joined the “Nachhaltigkeitspakt Medien Bayern”. The Munich based broadcaster, whose majority stakeholder is RTL Group, aims to contribute to a sustainable media economy, as the company announced in a press release. RTL Zwei is aware of its responsibility for the environment and society. With numerous measures, it has the priority to act economically, ecologically and in a socially sustainable way, and to continuously expand this commitment. The “Nachhaltigkeitspakt Medien Bayern”, which is initiated and coordinated by the Bavarian State Center for New Media, comprises the formulation of guidelines for key sustainability issues. These guidelines have the goal to support the development and anchoring of a sustainability strategy and of sustainable entrepreneurship. Ilse Aigner, President of the Bavarian State Parliament, is the patron of the initiative. Thorsten Schmiege, President BLM, says: “With RTL Zwei we now have another partner by our side in the ‘Nachhaltigkeitspakt Medien Bayern’. The pact is one of Germany’s first responsibility alliances of relevant players in the media industry who want to sustainably co-design the digital transformation. Sustainability concerns us all; therefore, I am relying on more broadcasters and media companies to follow the example of RTL Zwei.” Nicole Glatzmaier, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of RTL Zwei, says: “Joining the ‘Nachhaltigkeitspakt Medien Bayern’ encourages us as a media company to continuously expand our sustainability strategy in alliance with the pact partners. We look forward to mutual exchange since the topic of sustainability is increasingly gaining in importance both for our audience as well as for advertising clients and business partners. It is therefore an fundamental component of our daily actions.”