Arvato Group | Gütersloh, 11/13/2023

Stroke risk: Arvato does the check

An Arvato employee during a stroke risk check with the health advisor

Subject: Employees
Country: Germany
Category: Project

Many people are at risk of having a stroke without realising it. Arvato employees in the Gütersloh area have now been able to have their individual risk profile professionally created with the support of the German Stroke Foundation. This is because around 90 per cent of all strokes are preventable - provided you keep an eye on your risk factors. However, because the risk factors for a stroke are often not noticeable, many people do not even know whether they are at risk. "That's why we are committed to occupational health management," explains Nadine Hunting, prevention expert at the German Stroke Foundation. "We often discover people at risk for the first time during workplace examinations in particular, which we can then inform them about and perhaps prevent them from having a stroke."

Effective check at the workplace

There was a correspondingly large turnout for the campaign organised by the German Stroke Foundation: more than 60 Arvato employees at the Gütersloh and Harsewinkel sites took part in the risk check. Some knew their risk factors, others were happy to receive explanations of their results and suggestions for optimising their diet and exercise: "I didn't know, for example, that just a little more exercise in everyday life is enough to reduce your risk of stroke," said one participant. In addition to the stroke risk check, numerous interested people visited the Stroke Help information stand to find out more about the symptoms and risk factors of stroke and find out about the foundation's work.

Fifteen minutes for a risk check

The risk check scientifically analyses the participants' blood pressure, blood sugar, blood fat, body weight, physical activity and other lifestyle factors. Health advisors discuss the results with the participants and give them personalised recommendations. A test takes around fifteen minutes and calculates the individual risk of a stroke. Interested companies, authorities and other organisations can also book the risk check with Schlaganfall-Hilfe. More information is available here.