RTL Group | Madrid/London, 02/09/2022

Sustainable Production Of ‘Idol Kids’

Subject: Environment, Media & Services
Country: Spain
Category: Project

The production of the Fremantle show “Idol Kids” in Spain is the first sustainable adaptation of the “Idols” format worldwide. Now, it has been awarded an Albert Sustainable Production Certificate by the environmental organization Albert. The show no longer uses single-use plastic dishes, has switched to energy-saving lightbulbs and to a more digital process to reduce the use of paper.

The Spanish adaptation of the Fremantle TV show “Idol Kids” has been awarded an Albert Sustainable Production Certificate due to a series of implemented measures to reduce the production’s carbon footprint. Albert is an environmental organization run by the British TV and film industry which aims to pool climate protection activities of the participating companies and has set itself the goal to reduce waste and carbon emissions within the TV and film production industry. It is supported by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), which annually presents awards for outstanding achievements in the film, television, children’s entertainment and interactive media segments. Last year, Fremantle and Albert collaborated to launch an updated carbon calculator and certification toolkit for the TV industry. 

Sustainable materials and a more digital process

As Fremantle already achieved with productions such as “Got Talent España” and “Viva la fiesta”, “Idol Kids” no longer uses single-use plastic such as bottles, cutlery, cups and plates. Instead, 100 percent recyclable cardboard water containers with plant-based caps and compostable materials have replaced plastic. This packaging not only releases zero carbon emissions into the atmosphere but also stops the use of plastic. On-set and backstage, recycling bins are available for organic, plastic, glass and paper waste, energy-saving LED lightbulbs are in use, and the technical team are using rechargeable batteries. The editing rooms also run on 100 percent renewable energy. When it comes to catering, the number of vegetarian options has been expanded to reduce meat consumption.

Due to both environmental awareness and the Covid-19 pandemic, “Idol Kids” also featured a more digital process than ever before. Digital signatures were used for all legal documentation sent to jury members, presenters, contestants, escorts, suppliers, audience and crew. This saved more than 6,000 sheets of paper and more than 62,800 liters of water. Last but not least, “Idol Kids” also implemented sustainable behaviors on screen in order to raise awareness for the importance of environmental protection.