RTLGroup | Berlin, 04/14/2020

UFA Supports ‘Care Paket Berlin’ Campaign

Subject: Society, Corona
Country: Germany
Category: Project

In cooperation with the Berlin based Kaffeerösterei & Deli Barcomi’s, UFA is supporting the “Care Paket Berlin” campaign. Its aim is to bring some joy to the lives of healthcare workers in Berlin’s hospitals and support those who are under the greatest stress due to the coronavirus pandemic and make the greatest effort to help people working in hospitals. Anna Winger, head author of the “Deutschland” series of UFA Fiction, and Cynthia Barcomi had the idea for this campaign. At Barcomi’s website,  the “Care Packages” can be ordered via an online donation, and a short personal message for the healthcare workers at the hospitals can be added. The packages are filled with food, cake and home-roasted coffee; they are delivered to the hospitals and directly distributed to the medical staff and their helpers. UFA as the producers of TV series including “Charité”, “Die Nachtschwestern” and “Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten”, wants to make a contribution with its support and, above all, thank all hospital staff for their commitment.