Energy Is a Priority

Energy is a focus of Group-wide cooperation on environmental and climate protection, because although the increasing digitalization of Bertelsmann’s businesses reduces their dependence on limited natural resources, it also increases the energy needed for data management. The sharing of knowledge and experiences in the Bertelsmann “be green” network (e.g., regarding energy-saving technology or renewable energies), and cooperation in energy-efficiency projects, can help reduce energy consumption and emissions, costs, and effort.

Our Objectives

Bertelsmann supports the goal of the international community of states to limit global warming to below 2° C. In the 2016 fiscal year, the company calculated the company-specific contribution necessary to achieving the < 2° C goal, taking into account the methodology of the Science-Based Target Initiative. Based on this analysis and from 2017 onward, Bertelsmann is striving to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent, compared with 2014 by the year 2020, and by 20 percent by the year 2025.