Environmental Management

Environmental Management at Bertelsmann

Protecting our environment and climate plays a key role in ensuring a future that is worth living in. Bertelsmann meets these growing challenges by establishing transparency about its environmental impact along the value chain. Combined with effective energy and environmental management, this has the potential to lower costs and reduce the company’s environmental footprint.

Guidelines, Structures and Processes

Environmental protection is a core element of the UN Global Compact’s principles to which Bertelsmann has pledged itself. The Bertelsmann Environmental Policy initiated by the Executive Board and the Bertelsmann Paper Policy provide the framework for the responsible use of natural resources throughout the Group, as well as environmentally friendly energy and material procurement.
Operational responsibility for energy and environmental management is decentralized and rests with the management of Bertelsmann’s companies. In addition to Group-wide objectives for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and for paper use, business units set their own policies for improving their environmental performance in local management systems.

The "be green" Experts

Bertelsmann's "be green" team deals with the challenges of environmental and climate protection. Since May 2003, environmental experts from all Bertelsmann companies – environmental officers, production heads and chief paper buyers – have met regularly in this cross-divisional, international task group, to discuss issues related to our environmental responsibility. Best practices from the divisions and companies are presented, new developments on national and international level are discussed, and strategies for more climate protection throughout the Group are jointly developed.
In addition, in 2010 the team initiated the Group's first "Bertelsmann be green Day," designed to build employee awareness of the many simple ways to protect the environment and climate in their (work) routine. It is implemented in a number of ways.