Handled with Care: Customer Data and Information

"We collect, retain, use and transmit personal data and information in compliance with applicable law and policy."

Bertelsmann Code of Conduct, Paragraph 3.2.2

In the production and distribution of its media and services, Bertelsmann encounters customer data every day. In the service segment in particular, many of the world’s largest corporations entrust our company with parts of their value chain, such as the management of their supply chains or customer communications. The confidential and careful handling of personal data also plays a decisive role in contact with media users.

The confidential and careful handling of personal data for the protection of our customers and users is therefore a priority for us. When collecting, storing, processing or transferring personal data such as names or addresses, we operate in a highly regulated area. In all core markets in which Bertelsmann operates, the protection of customer data is already mandated by law. We see compliance with legal requirements and the highest quality standards as a matter of course.

Responsibility for the handling of customer data and compliance with the associated legal requirements, standards and voluntary commitments is decentralized and lies with the management of our companies. They take the technical and organizational measures required for their specific location. The rules and regulations that address customer data protection include the Bertelsmann Code of Conduct, the Executive Board Guidelines on Information Security & IT Risk Management, the Bertelsmann Cloud Policy, and – additionally for German companies in the Group – the Handbuch zum Konzerndatenschutz (Group Data Protection Manual). An Executive Board guideline on data privacy is designed to harmonize data privacy management across the Bertelsmann Group. It anticipates the requirements of the basic data protection regulation which enters into force in Europe from May 2018 and will largely replace existing national laws.