Protecting Creative Achievement

As a media and service company, the protection and safeguarding of intellectual property is central to our business activities. We are home to artists and other creative people who trust that we deal responsibly with their achievements.

Intellectual property encompasses all products created from the mind – all creative and intellectual output. This includes literary works, journalistic articles, music, films, television programs, graphic work and software. There are laws, such as copyright, trademark and patent acts, to protect intellectual property, but these laws vary tremendously worldwide.

Our businesses include the development, production, transfer, licensing and sale of products and services protected as intellectual property. Our economic returns are dependent on the performance of the authors and artists associated with our company – and that creative talent depends on the returns they receive through marketing their works with us. With this in mind, we feel particularly obliged to protect intellectual property and commit ourselves to its strong promotion worldwide. We also work to strengthen the defense of property rights holders against copyright infringement on the Internet.

The digitization and online distribution of content are among our greatest opportunities. Our industry is changing dynamically and it is essential to advance these new approaches and new business models. Here, the question of how copyright protection can be transferred, comprehensively and fairly, from the analog to the digita lworld becomes central.

Bertelsmann is actively committed to providing information on the value of intellectual property,to strengthen its protection in the digital world, and takes action against the illegal distribution of content. This is the only way that artists can benefit from their creativity and we can remain competitive. In doing so, we also secure our long-term ability to invest in new content and to attract new creative talent as part of our contribution to cultural and creative diversity.