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Safely Navigating the World of Media

Bertelsmann wants to reach as many people as possible with its creative content and services. This gives rise to a special duty to reflect on repercussions and protect the rights and interests of users and customers to the best possible extent. That is why one of our duties is to develop content and formats responsibly to ensure the protection of users – especially the youngest – because today’s children and young adults live in a world full of media.

Child and Youth Protection

As a media provider, we see compliance with all laws and regulations such as special airtime restrictions to protect minors, as well as labeling products and other creative content as matter of course. Bertelsmann also plays an active role in initiatives that strive to make media use safer. The RTL Group is a founding member of the EU Initiative Coalition to make the internet a better place for children. The coalition and its partners have developed specific recommendations, e.g. for use of digital media. In this connection, RTL has formulated its own action plan, which includes reporting tools for age-appropriate privacy settings, and other effective strategies to protect minors from unsuitable Internet content. Another RTL-supported EU initiative,, provides public-service information and materials on safe Internet use.

But passive protection is not enough. Children must also learn to actively and competently navigate the Internet on their own. RTL supports, an online search engine that allows children between the ages of 8 and 12 to research topics that interest them within a safe environment of regularly updated, child-friendly sites. Bertelsmann and its divisions also support initiatives to promote media literacy  .

Fair Marketing

We also embrace the same high quality and safety standards in our marketing activities, as well as in the production and dissemination of advertising. We do not knowingly engage in or promote misrepresentation or fraud in the marketing or advertising of our products and services.

Privacy Policy

Another essential security issue is the protection of our customers and users by handling their confidential personal data with care. Bertelsmann acts in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the collection, storage, processing and transmission of personal data (for example name, address, phone number, date of birth). Moreover, we ensure that site-specific technical and organizational measures are taken to further this protection.

Protection of Media Users and Customers – Fast Read

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Safeguarding customer privacy and data security, fair marketing, and the protection of media users, especially of minors, are important priorities for us.

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