PenguinRandomHouse | London, 01/03/2017

£27,000 for a Good Cause

Subject: Society
Country: Great Britain
Category: Charitable Donations

The staff at the publisher DK's London office participated in a variety of fundraisers last year, raising a total of £27,437 last year to support the Royal National Institute of Blind People  (RNIB). The RNIB, DK's charity partner for 2016, works to make every day better for everyone affected by sight loss. Funds raised will go towards RNIB's "Talking Book" service which provides unabridged audiobooks. The conversion of an adult title costs £2,500, while each children's title costs £1,500.

The Royal National Institute of Blind People is not only DK's charity partner; DK had already established a strong publishing partnership with RNIB through a collaboration on this year's award-winning Braille book series. Harry Meade, RNIB Corporate Partnerships Manager, said: "RNIB is most grateful to all at DK who have been supporting us this year with both fundraising and volunteering. Thanks to all those who have organized, taken part in, and supported these events which have helped to raise much needed funds for RNIB."

Throughout the year DK employees have taken part in numerous fundraising events and volunteering activities. Four DK employees took part in RNIB's first ever #TrekforSight, a fundraising trek in Iceland. "By all accounts it was an amazing experience for all concerned, including the blind and partially sighted participants who were so ably supported on the trek," Meade said.

Other highlights of DK's fundraising efforts for the RNIB included "DK Up at the O2", an ascent up London's O2 dome, a DK Bake Off event, and participation in RNIB's "Wear dots… raise lots" campaign. Several active staff members took part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon and "Vitality London 10,000" runs.

"It has been incredibly enlightening for all of us to learn about what life is like for those affected by sight loss," said Ian Hudson, DK CEO. "The services RNIB provides, the programs they offer, and the work they do to help change people's lives is inspiring and admirable."