RTLGroup | Paris, 09/25/2018

6-Play Launches a Weekly Magazine for Deaf Viewers

Subject: Media & Services
Country: France
Category: Project

Tomorrow, Groupe M6 will launch a weekly magazine for deaf viewers. Sophie Scheidt and Olivier Calcada will present “Le 10 Minutes” on Wednesdays at 5:45 p.m. The format will be available in sign language via the online portal 6-Play. This project is based on an initiative of the deaf M6 web employee Michael Mannarino.

Tomorrow afternoon at 5:45 p.m., Groupe M6 will open a new chapter in television for deaf viewers: The format “Le 10 Minutes” is the first French news magazine that is exclusively and originally conceived and broadcast in sign language. It is, therefore, not the translation of simultaneously aired broadcasts into sign language. “Le 10 Minutes” will be subtitled to not exclude people without hearing impairment. The weekly magazine will be broadcast on Wednesdays on the 6-Play portal.

The current news for “Le 10 Minutes” is produced to comply with the requirements of deaf viewers, on the one hand and the format meets all of the modern standards of television, on the other hand: short and to-the-point contributions, well researched, and presented in an entertaining way. “Le 10 Minutes” also uses the possibilities of the digital world, such as augmented reality or social media for the distribution of its content. The top priority is the comprehensive and attractive information of deaf people.

“Le 10 Minutes” is presented by Sophie Scheidt and Olivier Calcada in alternating weeks. The format can be viewed via the “Info et société” section on 6-Play. It is based on an initiative of Michael Mannarino. The project manager has been working for the digital business of M6 Web for ten years. He has been deaf since birth, and that drove the development of a special weekly magazine for the deaf together with Bruno Risgallah, Chief Editor of 6-Play.

For Groupe M6, the realization of “Le 10 Minutes” is another stage on its path of supporting and including people with disabilities. Last year, the group committed itself to equipping workplaces for the disabled, employing at least ten more people with disabilities, expanding the diversity of its employees and, at the same time, using its own programs and formats to educate against prejudices and exclusion. In the “Le 10 Minutes” project, Groupe M6 collaborates with the Fondation Handicap Malakoff Médéric, a company foundation with the exclusive purpose of promoting and supporting people with disabilities.