Arvato | Gütersloh, 11/07/2019

‘be green Day’ At Arvato In Gütersloh

Subject: Environment
Country: Germany
Category: Project

In addition to the first “green Lunch” at the company restaurant at the An der Autobahn site, waste separation was a focus this year – matching the slogan of this year’s “be green Day” campaign: “Waste less”. The Group-wide initiative runs until November 22.

Since April, many Bertelsmann companies around the world have taken part in this year’s “be green Day” campaign and organized numerous activities related to climate and environmental protection. At the Arvato site in Gütersloh, “be green Day” took place last week. One of the focuses was the first “green Lunch” offered at the Cultina company restaurant An der Autobahn, which intentionally omitted foods such as red meat, dairy products with high fat content, and exotic, imported fruits and vegetables. These foods need a lot of water to produce and require CO2-intensive logistics. In the future, the “green Lunch” will take place once a week to raise employee awareness regarding more environmentally friendly and economical nutritional choices. Following the motto “Good for you. Good for the environment”, the lunch menu will increasingly take the climate-friendliness of the products into account.

A giveaway about waste separation was another activity during which the new waste separation system at the site was demonstrated and explained via a practical example. Following the “Waste less” slogan of the current “be green Day” campaign, the Arvato site in Gütersloh was already a trailblazer in waste separation with the “Be Green Points”. In addition, a box was set up in the entrance zone of the Cultina company restaurant for employees to recycle their personal electronic waste.