Gütersloh, 01/24/2018

‘be green’ Label for Energy-Efficient IT Equipment

Volker auf der Landwehr, Frank Mahlstedt, Franz Hermann, Mark Fabisch (f. l.). Not pictured, the other project members Stephan Voigt, Alexander Heese, and Achim Bernsmann

Subject: Environment
Country: International
Category: Project

The introduction of an eco-label for energy-efficient PCs, notebooks and screens is an important step towards improving energy efficiency and achieving Bertelsmann’s environmental goals. Arvato CRM Solutions in Berlin became the first Bertelsmann location to use energy-efficient IT equipment in November. After Tallinn in December, more locations are to follow.

Computers, laptops, screens – modern technology has become indispensable in everyday office life. All of these devices at Bertelsmann's tens of thousands of office workstations around the world consume natural resources and energy – and therefore are significant contributors to Bertelsmann's carbon footprint. With this in mind, the question of how to procure low-energy IT equipment is gaining importance.

Spotlight on: “Green” Procurement

As part of a collaboration between the Arvato CRM Solutions Energy Management team, the IT Sourcing departments of Bertelsmann and Arvato CRM, and Bertelsmann’s “be green” environmental initiative, a label has now been developed for guidance in the sourcing of energy-saving IT equipment. The Bertelsmann IT shopping cart now displays the “be green – energy efficient equipment” label for energy-efficient PCs, notebooks and screens. Energy-saving devices can be recognized at first glance, facilitating climate-friendly purchasing decisions. For example, a desktop PC with the “be green” label may consume no more than 65 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity per year on average – well below the EU limit of 150 kWh. 24-inch monitors receive the label if they consume less than 55 kWh per year. “The models with the new energy-efficiency label reduce energy costs while delivering the same performance, so they help boost environmental protection. I therefore very much welcome this joint initiative,” says Tom Linckens, Chief Information Officer at Bertelsmann.

In order to reflect technological progress, the label criteria are regularly reviewed and are flagged as an important decision criterion to manufacturers and retailers. An expansion of the label to other devices such as printers and projectors is planned for the future.

Pilot Site in Berlin: 200 Energy-Saving Workstations

The Arvato CRM Solutions service center in Berlin became the first location to be equipped with around 200 energy-saving workstations. Each of these workstations, with one monitor and a Tiny PC, consumes only around 100 kWh per year. A complete conversion of the location saves around 55,000 kWh per year compared to conventional devices – equivalent to the average power consumption of 15 four-person households in Germany.

Andreas Krohn, CEO of Arvato CRM Solutions, emphasizes the initiative’s contribution to a more efficient energy management: “As part of our energy management at Arvato CRM Solutions, we are striving for continual improvement in energy efficiency, which is why we have decided to only purchase IT equipment with the new 'be green' label when replacing or buying new IT equipment for workstations all over Europe.”

Arvato CRM Energy Management and “be green” awarded the Berlin site an “Energy Efficiency Champion” certificate for its systematic implementation of energy-saving measures: In addition to using energy-efficient PC workstations, the location is also fully equipped with LED lighting, obtains 90 percent of its required heat through its own modern combined-heat-and-power plant, and has implemented energy-saving measures in its ventilation, thermal insulation, and climate-control systems.

Contribution to Achieving Bertelsmann’s Environmental Targets

Energy efficiency has become a key criterion in workplace design, as lower electricity consumption also leads to a reduction in the emission of climate-damaging greenhouse gases from electricity production, e.g. So purchasing energy-efficient IT equipment is an important way to contribute to climate protection – and a further step in achieving Bertelsmann's environmental goals.  By 2020, Bertelsmann and its divisions intend to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent compared to the base year of 2014, and by 20 percent by 2025.

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