Gütersloh, 12/04/2019

Bertelsmann Corporate Education Introduces Master’s Courses

Subject: Employees
Country: Germany
Category: Project

Two new part-time master’s degree courses that address technological trends in the Group will supplement the two existing dual bachelor’s degree courses in Germany from 2020. Both are a response to technological trends in the Group.

It is the next stage in the Group’s internal training for such urgently needed specialists: After Corporate Education at Bertelsmann in Germany has offered a dual business degree course since 1993 and a dual study course focusing on information technologies (IT) since 2008, the corresponding part-time master’s courses will be added next year. Both the Master of Science – Business Consulting & Digital Management and Master of Science – IT Management & Information Systems courses address technological trends within the Group. As with the two previous bachelor’s courses, Bertelsmann is collaborating with the University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management (FOM) and the University of Applied Sciences for Economics (FHDW). Lectures start in the 2020 winter semester and will take place in Gütersloh.

According to Klaus Röttger, Head of Corporate Education, it is his department’s job to address important developments in the Group and respond to the increased internal demand for even more highly qualified specialists. “This is reflected, for example, in specific requests for master’s degree courses from the divisions, which come from both the specialist departments and HR,” says Röttger. In addition, educational behavior and the resulting requirements of the new generations have constantly changed. Both former and current Bachelor graduates have an increasing interest in acquiring in-depth knowledge in a subject area, says Röttger: “With the master’s course, we are now in a position to present a holistic educational course in the battle for talented young professionals – starting with student internships, then training and the Group’s own vocational college, to bachelor’s and soon master’s degree courses. This gives us a unique selling point in the corporate landscape in Germany.”

The master’s courses are based on Bertelsmann-specific content and have a strong practical orientation. In addition, they are part-time courses whose lectures take place on evenings and weekends at the Corporate Center in Gütersloh, so they can be completed by employees from the surrounding area in parallel to their job, thus saving time. Master’s degree give graduates excellent prospects for career advancement within the Group – and Bertelsmann companies gain skilled employees and managers with practical experience and a focus on technological trends. “In addition, the master’s courses can provide the divisions with an additional incentive when recruiting new employees, as companies are able to offer potential employees new options for continuing their education and training in-house,” says Röttger.

Further information about the Master of Science - Business Consulting & Digital Management  and the Master of Science - IT-Management & Information Systems  can be found here or requested from Klaus Röttger (/ + 49 / 52 41 / 80-33 35) or Harald Lexis (/ + 49 / 52 41 / 80-21 35).