Bertelsmann Printing Group | Munich, 08/06/2019

‘DeutschlandCard’ Supports Barrier Woodland Renovation

Subject: Employees
Country: Germany
Category: Project

Around 90 employees of the “DeutschlandCard” multi-partner bonus program recently actively supported the reforestation of a barrier woodland near Bayrischzell in a two-day “offsite” volunteering event. Among other things, they planted 800 native trees and repaired trails and paths.

Around 90 employees of the “DeutschlandCard” multi-partner bonus program recently rolled up their sleeves to support the reforestation of a barrier woodland near Bayrischzell. “DeutschlandCard” had donated a total of 1,500 trees to the non-profit association Bergwaldprojekt e. V. (Mountain Forest Project) to promote forestry work. But the DeutschlandCard team additionally took a hands-on approach to tackling the problem. Guided by Bergwaldprojekt foresters and volunteers, they helped plant nearly 800 native trees, repair trails and paths, build raised hides (lookouts with ladders for gamekeepers and other visitors wanting views), and professionally maintain and trim the tree population. Our employees also learned what each of us can do to avoid waste, reduce CO2 emissions, and conserve resources.

“‘DeutschlandCard’ takes one or two days each year during which the team does focused work on innovative and strategically relevant topics in various cross-departmental groups,” says Dirk Kemmerer, CEO of the Bertelsmann Printing Group and Managing Director of ‘DeutschlandCard’. “In the last Employee Survey, it became clear that colleagues wanted to focus on the topic of off-site corporate responsibility. I’m pleased that we have taken up this focus this year. Protecting nature and the environment is an important priority for the Group, and we strive to operate even more sustainably and consciously in all areas.” Luis Brunner, Technical Partner Manager for the multi-partner bonus program and one of the organizers of this year’s off-site CR event, says: “After such volunteer days, you definitely walk through nature with a different outlook. I think we’ve planted a lot more here than trees on a hill. Awareness was planted, nourished with great experiences and memories.”