Penguin Random House | Peking, 06/05/2018

DK Provides Chinese Families with Books

Subject: Society
Country: China
Category: Charitable Donations

DK China is once again supporting the “Book Crossing” initiative in the People’s Republic this year. In the program, books are passed on from one family to another. At the launch event, DK representatives presented book bags containing ten DK books for children and youths from the publisher’s program to participating families from various provinces in China. As part of the reporting about the program, DK also appeared on Chinese government-owned Beijing TV.

A charity commitment has earned DK China coverage in the the Chinese government-owned Beijing TV. Since last year, the publisher has been supporting the “Book Crossing” initiative in the People’s Republic; DK employees recently attended the launch event for the 2018 Second Library book crossing initiative.  The initiative aims to connect people in the various provinces in China through reading.

At the launch event, the DK team distributed book bags to representatives from different provinces, including parents with their children. Each bag includes ten children’s and youth books from DK’s program. The families can enjoy the books for one week and then pass it on to another family in their community or to friends. They are also invited to record their reviews of each title for subsequent readers, who can then add their own comments. Each book bag includes a useful booklet to support parents with discussing the books with their children.

The books selected by DK China are from the “Wow” series, “My First Reference”, “DK Discovery”, “Think of a Number”, “Big Book of…” and the titles “Great Paintings”, “My Art Book,” “My Art Book Animals” and “How Machines Work”. With the book bags, DK wants to reach a total of 50,000 families in China. Last year, the “Book Crossing” initiative travelled through 100 cities in the People’s Republic. The organizers above all banked on communication using WeChat groups to promote the initiative.