RTLGroup | Paris, 09/27/2019

‘Femme Actuelle’ Celebrates 35 Years With 35 Women

Carla Bruni, former first lady and singer
Amélie Nothomb, Author
Bettina Rheims, Photographer

Subject: Media & Services
Country: France
Category: Project

Prisma Media is celebrating the 35th anniversary of “Femme Actuelle” in five issues. Each issue focuses on seven feminists who have changed the lives and roles of women in France through their commitment. Politicians and artists as well as journalists, athletes, and fashion designers are among these women.

“Femme Actuelle” has been accompanying the life of women in France for 35 years. The Prisma Media magazine is celebrating this anniversary with 35 women. The four September issues and the first issue in October each introduce seven women – committed feminists who have achieved a lot for the rights and equal opportunities for women in France over the past 35 years. Politicians such as the first female French Prime Minister Edith Cresson and the former Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira, artists including singer Carla Bruni and photographer Bettina Rheims, authors such as Irène Frachon and Anne Sinclair, but also women such as the Paralympics athlete Amélie Le Fur and fashion designer Agnes B are among these exceptional women.

“Femme Actuelle” simply wants to say “thank you” to all of these amazing women, according to the publisher. Editor-in-Chief Julien Lamury Dessauvages remembers: “In 1984, ‘Femme Actuelle’ was launched as a women’s magazine with a clear and ambitious goal: handing over the power of the keys to women – all women, not just the elites.” The aim was to represent women in a way that clarifies that they are more than wives and mothers – that they are employees, managers, and CEOs of entire companies. “For 35 years, the editors have been following the social development of women and they also consider it their task,” continues Lamury, and he concludes: “We have decided, in a more committed way than ever before, to celebrate this in five issues, with 35 personalities who have made a contribution to redefining the position of women in society.”

While “Femme Actuelle” magazine can claim being number one in this segment in France for 35 years already, the online portal of the same name has also conquered this position in the country for some time now. It has twelve million users per month, and 600,000 fans of the brand on Facebook. The magazine and portal combined reach a total of 18.9 million readers or users per month, according to the publisher.