New Delhi, 04/18/2018

Health Week at Bertelsmann India

Zumba was on the agenda at Arvato in Gurgaon.
The employees of DK India won the women’s football tournament.
Cooking competition with healthy recipes from DK books

Subject: Employees
Country: India
Category: Project

An entire week was entirely devoted to the subject of health at Bertelsmann India. At the occasion of World Health Day the employees of the Bertelsmann companies represented in India were able to benefit from the “Health Week” initiatives, including various events and activities relating to the key themes nutrition, fitness and wellness. More than 1,600 employees participated in the activities.

Bertelsmann India took this year’s World Health Day as an occasion to organize a “Health Week” at all sites in the country. Employees were able to benefit from 16 initiatives relating to the key themes nutrition, fitness and wellness. All corporate divisions and companies represented in India participated in “Health Week”:  Fremantle Media India, Yoboho New Media India, Arvato India, Penguin Random House India, DK India as well as the teams of Bertelsmann India Investments and the Bertelsmann India Corporate Center. More than 1,600 employees participated in the activities, according to Bertelsmann India.

The “Health Week” initiatives were highly diversified: Employees were able to compete in a football tournament and a table tennis tournament, participate in yoga, Zumba and meditation exercises or the “Step Challenge”, an initiative wherein participants competed against each other via an app for the highest total count of steps over the course of the week. The winner was Abhijit P. Parmar of the Arvato site in Mumbai – and he received a trophy for his success.

Healthy Meals and Smoothies on the Menu

Along with physical fitness, nutrition played an important role in the “Health Week” program. The cafeterias had special healthy meals and smoothies on their menus, and one team organized a cooking competition. The winner of a health quiz was also awarded a prize. For the “Drink-o-Challenge” hosted by Arvato, employees played a dice game and had to drink the healthy smoothie/drink associated with the number.

Information events and practical exercises completed the offer, usually with the assistance of external partners and experts. They included a workshop about stress management, pulse diagnosis, and an eye check-up. The employees were also taught desk exercises to help them cope with the physical and mental stress of long working hours. Every single Bertelsmann India employee received a daily email with information, including recipes for salads and dressings, fitness exercises and stress management advice. All of the content was sourced from Penguin Random House books and DK books/videos.