New Delhi, 04/24/2019

Health Week At Bertelsmann India

Zumba at Penguin Random House India
Healthy drinks at Fremantle India
New Delhi based employees at the football tournament

Subject: Employees
Country: India
Category: Project

To commemorate World Health Day, Bertelsmann India again organized a Health Week filled with activities to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst employees. Over 13 initiatives including nutrition, fitness and wellness offers – some cross-divisional – took place.

Bertelsmann India again commemorated World Health Day by organizing a full week of offers dealing with the key themes of nutrition, fitness and wellness for its employees. A total of 13 different initiatives invited them to participate in activities promoting a healthy lifestyle in the workplace. Along with sports and stress management exercises, information exchange played an important role. The divisions Fremantle India, Yoboho New Media India, Penguin Random House India, DK India, Bertelsmann India Investments, and the Bertelsmann India Corporate Center participated in Health Week.

A football tournament of the divisions in New Delhi demanded great physical effort. Yoga classes at the Fremantle India office in Mumbai were aimed at stress management. Penguin Random House India got employees moving with Zumba and Pilates, while DK India organized a Plank Challenge: the employee with the maximum time in the plank position was declared the winner. Employees at various sites were able to learn about desk exercises that could help them cope with long working hours. At DK India, a doctor informed employees about the importance of hygiene in a healthy lifestyle. Around 60 employees at Yoboho seized the opportunity to get a free eye exam at their Mumbai office. All of the divisions offered healthy organic drinks and food in their cafeterias. Additionally, all employees of Bertelsmann India received daily emails with healthy recipes along with exercise and stress management tips. The high-quality content was provided by Penguin Random House and DK books.