Gütersloh, 07/03/2019

New CR Magazine Presents ‘Faces of Responsibility’

Subject: Employees
Country: International
Category: Project

In the new CR magazine entitled “Faces of Responsibility,” employees from several divisions discuss what motivates and drives them to assume responsibility in very different ways and put the Bertelsmann Essentials of creativity and entrepreneurship into action.

On 36 pages, the new corporate responsibility magazine entitled “Faces of Responsibility” presents stories about Bertelsmann employees who proactively take responsibility for their working environment, society, and the environment. These “Faces of Responsibility” and their efforts stand exemplary for many other employees in the Group. With their many different kinds of personal commitment, they make it clear that each and every individual has the freedom and can take the opportunity to make a difference at Bertelsmann.

‘Creativity & Entrepreneurship’

“Our corporate culture is alive and well because we seek out and encourage people who make use of their freedom and act responsibly,” emphasizes CHRO Immanuel Hermreck. “These colleagues are curious, question the status quo, identify opportunities, and put them into action.”

Our employees’ commitment is as diverse as the Bertelsmann world itself. The articles in the new CR magazine provide insights into topics such as the fight against online disinformation and fake news, working to ensure an open and creative working environment for all employees, and protecting the environment in the workplace.

“Faces of Responsibility” is available for download online at www.bertelsmann.com/corporate-responsibility  and here.  It is available in German and English.