PenguinRandomHouse | New York, 11/05/2019

Penguin Random House US Is Giving Away 75,000 Books

Subject: Society
Country: USA
Category: Charitable Donations

For each Penguin Random House US book purchased via the Zulily online shop in the coming weeks, the publishing group will automatically donate a book to First Book. First Book will forward the donated books to children in need – with the goal to provide children the gift of reading this holiday season.

Penguin Random House is turning one book given to children into two: customers who order books for their children via the Zulily online shop in the coming weeks will automatically trigger book donations from Penguin Random House US to First Book. The partner of the world’s largest publishing group will give the books to children in need. First Book and Penguin Random House have been teaming up for similar projects for a long time. The cooperation with Zulily for the “Buy 1, Give 1” campaign in the holiday season is now entering its fourth year. Zulily, headquartered in Seattle, was founded in 2009. The e-commerce provider addresses the target group of mothers and offers children’s fashion, toys, decorations – and books.

The partners have planned up to 75,000 books for their donations campaign. It will continue through December 12. Jaci Updike, President of Sales, Penguin Random House US, said: “There is a special magic to getting a book during the year-end holidays, and for a child, receiving it can help create a lifelong passion for books and reading. So, we feel particularly privileged to again join with Zulily and First Book to bring some magic with our books to communities and families in need.”