PenguinRandomHouse | Barcelona, 08/03/2018

Senior Citizens Discover Audiobooks

Subject: Society
Country: Spain
Category: Charitable Donations

Older people often have difficulty reading books. Their eyesight gets weaker and focusing on the small letters can become too exhausting. Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial demonstrates with a special donation campaign that old age does not mean having to live without the many wonderful stories found between two book covers. The publishing group has donated several audiobooks to the senior citizens’ institutions of Grup VL and Fundación Vella Terra in Barcelona.

The inhabitants of the homes and visitors to the daycare centers can select from eleven different titles via an special access code, download them from the Internet to their smart phone or tablet for free, and dive into the world of books simply by listening.

Foundation of Numerous Reading Clubs

The success of this campaign has become clear because several reading clubs – or rather audio clubs – have formed in the institutions, with the enthusiastic audiobook listeners talking about various aspects of the stories – and, sometimes, also listening to the audiobooks together.

This campaign is part of Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial’s initiative to bring books and literature closer to various groups in society. With more than 40 years of work caring for senior citizens, the Grup VL and Fundación Vella Terra have longstanding experience in this field. Among the people living in the senior citizens’ homes or visiting the daycare centers are individuals with various physical or psychological difficulties. In addition, special institutions for treating chronically ill patients, for example, are available.