Gütersloh, 12/13/2019

STOK for Enhanced Efficiency at Hospitals

In hospitals, perfect preparation is crucial – an emergency can occur at any mo-ments, and even the smallest details can make the difference between life and death. Inventory management of medical products, and logistical planning, play a decisive role in ensuring that the necessary medication and instruments are readily available in an emergency. Arvato Supply Chain Solutions supports hospitals with efficient inventory management solutions, thereby taking some of the burden off hospital staff and leaving them more time for their core tasks.

Health is a megatrend that is also considered in the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Goal 3 is to “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.” Hospitals are an elemental pillar of the healthcare system. Facilities must be prepared for a wide range of emergencies and illnesses and be able to act quickly. Due to increased demand for medical services and a shortage of specialists, hospitals are facing major challenges. To be able to guarantee sufficient medical care nevertheless requires enhanced efficiency – something Arvato unit STOK can offer customers with its inventory management and logistics solutions. Regular stock checks and reporting by STOK employees give hospital staff more time for their essential task – ensuring the patients’ wellbeing.

Inventory management solutions in and on the way to hospital

As a partner of many medical technology manufacturers, STOK solutions are based on a customer-specific service concept: from inventory recording on the ward, to lo-cation-specific consumption analyses and recommendations for optimal stock levels, to comprehensive inventory management solutions, STOK supports more than 35 clients in managing their healthcare products in hospitals throughout Europe.

“A very high percentage of today’s hospital inventories are safety stocks,” explains Sebastian Verhoeven, Vice President STOK Europe. “This can lead to write-offs for expired products or additional inventory costs.” STOK’s inventory management solu-tions are based on cycle counting: STOK staff travel to hospitals to check stocks. Products that are about to expire are identified and labeled. The idea is to use these products before they have to be destroyed if possible. Expired articles or those with too short a remaining term are returned to the manufacturer by STOK and, if desired, a corresponding re-stocking is triggered.

The implant kits offered by STOK also help manufacturers reduce their stock levels. STOK compiles all the products and components required for an implant in a kit, de-livers it to the hospital ward in time for the operation, and picks it up again after the procedure.

Bertelsmann supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

With the 2030 Agenda adopted in 2015, the international community - under the auspices of the United Nations - committed itself to 17 global goals for a better future. The guiding principle of the 2030 Agenda is to enable a life in dignity for humans world-wide and at the same time to lastingly preserve the natural foundations of life. This includes economic, social, and ecological aspects. The 2030 Agenda underlines the shared responsibility of all stakeholders: politics, business, science, civil society – and every individual. As a member of the UN Global Compact, Bertelsmann sup-ports the 2030 Agenda. Click here  to find out how.