Bertelsmann Printing Group | Liverpool, 07/17/2018

Young Storytellers Impress Prinovis UK

Katherine Brown and Matthew Cox of Prinovis UK presented the certificates and book prizes to the winners

Subject: Society
Country: Great Britain
Category: Project

With a short story competition among primary school children Prinovis UK contributed to promoting the creative skills of young people in Liverpool. More than one hundred short stories were submitted to the panel of judges, who were impressed with the contributions. The winners and their classmates spent a day at “The Storybarn” in an adventure park.

Prinovis UK not only stands for top-notch print products but also for social commitment. The Liverpool site once again proved this fact: aiming to promote the creative skills of young people in the region, Prinovis UK organized a short story competition for the students of Banks Road Primary School in Garston. As a prize, the two winners were able to spend a day at “The Storybarn” in Liverpool’s Calderstones Park together with their classmates. Stories from famous children’s books can be experienced in the adventure park, and the fun of reading can be combined with playing in nature.

Last November, thanks to the support of Prinovis UK, the children of Banks Road Primary School were able to enjoy a storytelling session in their classrooms. A team from the charity initiative “The Reader” visited the school to promote shared reading with young children to increase the development of mental health and social inclusion. The employees of Prinovis UK voted to select Banks Road Primary School to receive the experience. The school is located within minutes of the print site.

Students Fascinated the Judges with Their Stories

The site management used this approach once again with the short story competition, which received positive feedback from the students. More than one hundred short stories were received by the panel of judges, which consisted of employees of the Prinovis team. The students fascinated the judges with their imagination and creativity, according to Prinovis UK. One winning story was selected from across the age group of Key Stage 1 (years 1-2) and one from across Key Stage 2 (years 3-6). In addition to the day at “The Storybarn”, the two winners as well as the second runners-up also received book prizes. With the competition, Prinovis UK supports the “Vision for Literacy Business Pledge”.

Katherine Brown, Human Resources Director at Prinovis UK, said: “We would like to thank the children for their excellent stories and the staff of Banks Road Primary for supporting the competition. We are proud to support the Literacy Pledge and even happier to be working alongside Banks Road school in doing so.”