News | RTL Group | Cologne, 04/13/2021

7.01 Million Unique Users In March: Record Results For TV Now

In March, the digital offers of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland accumulated 38.95 million unique users and 539.46 million visits – the second-highest reach ever recorded. With 7.01 million unique users, TV Now set a new record. The NTV news offer accumulated 26.66 million unique users, equaling its second-best result ever.

With a total of 38.95 million unique users and 539.46 million visits, Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland achieved the second highest reach ever recorded with its digital offers in March. The total number of fans and followers on social networks set a new record with 38.70 million people. Strong new content made TV Now, Mediengruppe RTL’s streaming service, the winner in reach in March. With the new records of 53.43 million visits and 7.01 million unique users (previous year: 5.95 million), TV Now expanded its position as the leading German streaming service. TV Now also gained with regard to new format launches compared with February and achieved an increase of 34 percent compared with the past record. The new true crime shows “Stern Crime: Der Alptraummann” and “Ich liebe einen Mörder” played a decisive role in achieving this success in March.

“With TV Now we broke all our past records in March and clearly expanded our position as the leading German streaming provider,” says Henning Tewes, Managing Director RTL Television and Co-Managing Director TV Now. “The entire Mediengruppe RTL collaborated on this great success. Streaming and broadcasting go hand in hand for us, and TV Now takes the first step an increasing number of times. Today, we can offer our premium users more than 50,000 hours of programming in various genres, at least one new original per week, and a large variety in all of our programming.”  

The news channel NTV accumulated 318.40 million visits in March and achieved its second-best result ever with 26.66 million unique users, making it one of the Top 3 of all digital news offers in Germany. NTV’s Corona News Ticker alone accumulated over one billion page views since its launch over a year ago. The portal reached a new all time high with 4.67 million unique users. The general interest portal again broke the 20-million mark with 20.70 million unique users and achieved the third best visit result of all time with 117.45 million visits. Stephan Schmitter, Managing Director RTL News, says: “We’re absolutely delighted about the continuing popularity of and as well as our verticals. It is nice to see that our topics and their preparation on our platforms are hitting a nerve with people. The numbers are therefore a huge compliment for the entire news team.”